Back in after the JAMAICA INN Premiere Party!

Spellbound by Movies on the Jamaica Inn Red Carpet

I’m back in after the JAMAICA INN (1939) premiere party, winding down and thinking abut what a great night it was. My first red carpet went well. Norman LloydTere Carrubba, and Katie Fiala were generous interviewees. They were eager to talk about and connect over Alfred Hitchcock. I recorded our conversations, so I may release the audio at some point, but look for a write-up of the event and a review of the film soon. First I’ll be co-hosting a Flicker Alley Blu-ray/DVD contest. Details will go live at 9 AM PDT!

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Quote: The Importance of Women Writing Their Own Stories

“I did this show called TRAILBLAZING WOMEN, and the biggest thing I’ve learned in two years of doing the show is that men write their history and that’s why they’re remembered more than women. Cecil B. DeMille made sure to write everything down, but all the other women that were working at the same time as Cecil B. DeMille and D.W. Griffith–there were women directors, they didn’t write their stories down, so they weren’t included in the history books. I think it’s really important for women to mention the things that they were a part of.”

–Illeana Douglas, co-host of the I BLAME DENNIS HOPPER podcast, episode 12/20/16

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Quote: The Power of Silence

Shutter Island Finger of Silence

“One of the things that Scorsese said right from the beginning was that I want silence, silence, as much silence as possible. Of course the instinct of the sound editors is always to put tons of sounds in–things echoing, footsteps echoing, dripping water, and all of those things. When I first went in to do the preliminary mix I said to them you have to be aware that he doesn’t want that. He wants silence, silence, as much as possible. Silence is much more powerful, which we learned on Raging Bull. Taking the sound away at times, at critical times, is much more powerful than pumping all kinds of sound in.”

Thelma Schoonmaker discussing Shutter Island on the Film Programme


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