Spellbound by Movies is a dedicated movie blog run by film fanatic Beth Ann Gallagher. Spellbound is sometimes irregularly, but always lovingly updated. Featured movies often come from the silent and classic film eras, but that does not mean contemporary films will be ignored completely. Films and screen personalities discussed are those that draw the author’s attention.

Beth Ann Gallagher is a lifelong movie buff. Growing up an only child might have made her more susceptible to their lure, but the fascination and respect remains for this modern art form. She lives in Vallejo, California, and frequents the local movie scene when she can. She also spends time at home with her hubby and cats Stella and Dugal watching movies. Stella is partial to ones featuring birds.

To learn more about the author, click on A Movie Manifesta for her explanation of how she became spellbound by movies and her goals for this blog. Then stick around for future posts by subscribing for updates in your preferred manner. Who wouldn’t want to be spellbound at least once in a while?

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