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Spellbound by Movies is now LAMB #1785! Back in January of 2013, I applied for my blog to join the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs). It’s a directory of movie blogs and a community for their bloggers. It’s the largest movie blogging group in existence with over 1,000 active members. When I didn’t receive any response months after applying, I wasn’t sure if my blog had been rejected or even reviewed. Yesterday I received an email letting me know the association had some administrative issues, but those issues had been resolved, and that I’m a new member.

As part of my membership application, I had to answer questions about my blog and myself. Since so much time passed between my application and my approval, reading my responses is a flashback to when I was getting more ambitious about movie blogging. My goal was to write more often (That’s still a goal!), and I had begun reaching out more to other film fanatics in the blogosphere and on Twitter. When a new member joins the LAMB, the association posts their application to their blog directory. You can read mine here. Among things, learn what maturity rating I gave my blog, three of my favorite movies, and in a rare moment of prompted negativity a movie I hate!

Besides using the group’s site as a blog directory, it has other features that could interest you. The LAMBScores are community reviews of recently released movies. The Movie of the Month features a LAMB member selected film being celebrated. The Director’s Chair promotes reviews, features, or anything else focusing on a particular director or their work each month. There’s a spin-off podcast called the LAMBcast. If you feel extra chatty, you can join the LAMB Forums.

My membership in the CMBA (Classic Movie Blog Association) won’t change. I very much enjoy being a member of that community and aim to participate in it more. If I wasn’t so busy this month, I’d be have a post up for the group’s current blogathon Words, Words, Words!, which looks like a lot of fun. You should check it out!

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